"Sorry I Brought That Up"Edit

Jakob delivered Jason to the Pierce brothers. Encased in goo from Jakob's monster, they added him to their trophy gallery. He had 24 hours before he ran out of oxygen and the goo hardened. Jakob told them the real Nightwing would come for him soon. Dick and Cheyenne had breakfast. He asked her to stay with him and not go into work. He wanted to help her, but she didn't "want to be one of you guys." He pushed her a bit and she attacked. He stopped her, but she left. Jason's face was plastered across milk cartons, the newspapers, and a nearby building as missing. Nightwing met with Clancy.

The Pierce Brothers continued to bait Nightwing with his impostor. Dick called Cheyenne to let her know Jason was the captive of one of her "associates." She met him outside their window in a costume derived from his. Jakob ate Ms. Nightwing; she used her powers inside him and he exploded all over the place.


"Sorry I Brought That Up"Edit