"Targets, Part 1"Edit

Nightwing thought about spending more time out of costume. He grabbed the Raptor, a man in an armored suit, who was wanted for murder. Nightwing injured his shoulder - he was preoccupied by someone unseen telling him he should be dead, the Raptor escaped. Nightwing found him inside Biotech Pharmaceuticals - the Raptor was standing above a man who'd been burned alive. Raptor again escaped after claiming innocence. The next morning, Dick bumped in to two girls from his apartment building, Ryan Diaz and Zen. Dick got a job as a taxi driver, but it didn't last long.

Nightwing checked out the crime scene and found an employee record chart on the computer where he'd found the dead guy. The place appeared to be owned by Luthor. Nightwing followed the list; some people on it were already dead, and found the Raptor threatening a weapons plant manager. Their fight carried outside; Raptor escaped. Nightwing led the police inside and they found the target dead. Raptor had not killed him. That night as he slept, a shadowy figure came into Dick's bedroom saying he would correct the error of him not dying.


"Targets, Part 1"Edit