"Targets, Part 4"Edit

The three former employees of Lexcorp continue their plan to sell the Raptor armor to their client. They realized that it was a radiation leak in the power casing that killed the previous wearer, Jacen Lorens. They plan on putting their 2.0 version to the test before selling it for half a billion dollars. Nightwing continues to ponder the direction of his life. After coming close to dying a year ago, he had hoped that returning to New York would help him find that direction. He receives a call that Raptor is back.

Raptor 2.0's progress is being taped as Nightwing arrives to try to stop him. The scientists are surprised to see him alive after having paid an assassin six million dollars to kill him. Seemingly outmatched, Nightwing manages to twist Raptor's arm as he lets off a blast. The blast penetrates his armor and he goes up in flames and dies.

It is discovered that the explosion didn't kill Raptor but rather a huge amount of radiation from the suit. The scientist scramble to figure out how to tell their client that they cannot deliver the suit. They soon discover that the client was already aware of he radiation leak. The client turns out to be an enraged Lex Luthor. He is furious that one of his scraped projects was stolen from him. To drive his point home, he blows up the building they were in. We get a glimpse of Bride, as she has a woman tied up and is about to kill her. She wonders how Groom is doing with his kill.


"Targets, Part 4"Edit