"The Courtship"Edit

In 1690, a young man named Thomas Larson finds his marriage proposal rejected. Unable to stop himself, he brutally kills the woman he wished to marry. In the modern day, he is on the prowl, searching for a new target.

Dick Grayson continues to recover from his arm injury. He is becoming stir crazy, not having a job other than being Nightwing. He checks in on Dahlia Lorens, whose husband was killed fighting Nightwing in the Raptor armor. Nightwing helped her get a job with Wayne Industries but she is concerned with her son. Nightwing promises to follow up on him. He eventually finds him in a hospice in Greenwich Village.

Later, Dick flies to Gothom to attend a party at Bruce Waynes. Fearing that Bruce is going to give him a hard time for his injured sholder, he is actually surprised when Bruce compliments him on his recent case. Back in New York City, Dick gets a job.


"The Courtship"Edit