"The Proposal"Edit

The woman that would become known as Bride is cornered as she is "feeding" on the essence of a woman. She hasn't completed her feeding and is too weak to defend herself. As the men prepare to take her and hang her, the man that would become Groom comes to her rescue.

In the present, Nightwing is fighting a group of brothers by a sewage dump. Thirty-one people have gone missing in the last month and he has tracked down pawn items to the brothers. He defeats them and soon finds out that they have been scavenging the dead bodies that have been dump there. Nightwing leaves as the police arrive to deal with them.

Bride finds herself needing to drain bodies more frequently. A body used to last her up to a month. Now, she's lucky if it last a day. Groom says he can help keep her alive. He is able to see the auras of people that have the suitable energy she needs. He proposes to her once again and Bride replies, "Not now," once again.

Nightwing is upset to learn that the Lorens, the family he was watching over since Jace Loren died has been murdered. He wonders if they were murdered because of him. Then he notices that the son, Phillip is not among the dead bodies. He finds him captive on a ferry with Bride and Groom. Bride is weak again. She begins to feed on Phillip as Nightwing comes in. Groom uses his powers to make Nightwing "sleep." Fighting it, he manages to knock Groom out. As the ferry is not being controlled, it crashes into the docks. Bride manages to escape. Phillip goes to his aunt's.

Nearly dead, Bride lies in bed. Groom tells her that he has been storing energy for an instance like this. He tells her he will give it to her if she finally agrees to marriage. She agrees.


"The Proposal"Edit