"The Engagement"Edit

In 1692, the townfolk claim a group of people have been bewitched as they dance in the woods unclothed around a fire. They have also been seen divining the future with "gypsy cards." When Abigail Williams is asked who put the evil into her, Violet's mother comes forward. She says the girls are not to blame, she is the witch.

Today, at the Dark Side bar in Staten Island, New York, Nightwing prepares to enter looking for information. As hard as he tries, he cannot maintain a distance to the murders that have been occurring. He's allowed it to get personal as he searches for information on Thomas and Violet. After fighting with a couple low grade thugs, he knows that everyone is telling the truth when they say they don't know anything about them. As he's about to leave, he tells them they better not think of crossing the line to becoming killers. He says the first one that gets him the information gets one free pass, a one-time offer. He plans on returning at midnight. The remaining thugs are surprised to see Nightwing behave so aggressively. A man standing in the shadows says he's seen him behave that way a "long time ago, when we were younger." He says Nightwing was good, but he was always better...

Nightwing continues his violent campaign to gather information with no luck. At the library, Bride and Groom seek to gather their own information on Nightwing. Bride is upset and wants him to suffer for their last encounter. Groom says it'd be best if they left. He says that is how they have survived for so long, avoiding confrontation. Bride says they can leave and she will become his wife after Nightwing has been destroyed.

Later, back at the Dark Side, Bride and Groom enter looking for Nightwing. They've heard that he was there looking for them. The bartender tells them that he will return at midnight. Groom notices that five of the people in the bar have the adequate auras to feed upon. They plan on getting as much energy as possible before Nightwing arrives.

After their feeding, Groom can sense Nightwing's aura getting closer. He drives his motorcycle through the window. Groom gets the upper hand and has Nightwing pinned down holding a knife to his neck. Groom tells him that he cannot resist him, no one can. Too stubborn, Nightwing manages to raise his knee, knocking back Groom's arms which causes him to slash his own throat. Bride rushes to him thankful that he is still alive. She says she cannot survive without him. Enraged at Nightwing, she shoots flames from her hand that causes the bar to go up in flames. Nightwing is left lying on the floor surrounded by fire.


"The Engagement"Edit