"Eminence Front"Edit

Nightwing is in the Batcave looking at the different Batman suits. He's angry that Bruce is gone. He decides he and Alfred need to clean up the cave. He calls Alfred, who is headed to Japan to take care of some 'final business.' Nightwing asks if there was any area they felt need more attention. After talking, he knows he is not alone. He soon finds himself fighting a horde of ninja assassins. Defeating them all, he picks up a camera off of one that he noticed while fighting. He then finds himself talking to Ra's al Ghul. The reason for all the men was because Ra's wanted to talk to him face to face. He wants a brief truce. Nightwing convinces him to give him the location of the meet and flies off to the Thar Desert.

Arriving, Nightwing head down in a hidden caver (where a Lazarus Pit is located). Nightwing goes off on him for trying to get Tim to accept his deal with bringing his parents back from the dead. He wants to know if talk about resurrection is why he wanted him there. Ra's al Ghul tells him he wanted to know if the Detective was dead. Looking at his face, he knows it is true. He throws a sword at him and offers him a chance to exorcise his anger. They soon begin dueling. He tells Nightwing that he is angry too. Batman should have died at his hands. He says Gotham should be celebrating the man that saved them time and time again. He should have had a glorious death, not one hidden in the shadows. He feels he should've have been the one to unmask the dead Batman for the world to see and is upset that he will not be known as the man that killed him. Nightwing tells him that he's angry that he knows he could never beat Batman.

As Nightwing prepares to leave, Ra's al Ghul tells him the sword he fought with was the same used by Batman during their fight. He tells him to take it as a reminder that their paths will cross again. Nightwing says no thanks and he should keep it as a reminder that he'll be there to fight evil when it shows its face. When he returns to the Batcave, the sword is already there waiting.


"Eminence Front"Edit