"Face to Face"Edit

Seriously injured by the inhabitants of Blackgate prison, Nightwing has somehow made it to Oracle's clocktower apartment, where he is being nursed back to health. Meanwhile Billy Pettit and his team of disenchanted former GCPD personnel is planning an assault on the clocktower in order to take out the 'Blue Boys' source of information.

Barbara notices the various alarms tripped by the invaders as she and Dick eat lunch, and ensures that her various booby traps - gas attacks, electric shocks etc., are in working order. There is a noticeable tension between the two of them, as Barbara reveals that she would like her and Dick to be an item again, just not yet. However, when shaving him, they find that they can't deny their attraction any longer. Of course, as always happens at such moments, they are interrupted by a full-scale assault from Pettit, along with a most unwelcome ally, the Huntress.


"Face to Face"Edit