"By Force of Arms"Edit

Nightwing and Oracle are surrounded by Billy Pettit and his former-GCPD allies, who are accompanied by the Huntress. However, Oracle has a number of voice-activated features in her apartment, the first of these being a blinding flash of light, which does not affect Nightwing due to the polarised lenses in his mask. The two of them are able to escape into a more secure part of the building and keep tabs on the invaders - meanwhile Dick has to assure Barbara that he and Huntress are most definitely no longer an item.

Back in Bludhaven, Blockbuster discovers that with a donor heart from a gorilla he may be able to survive; he begins negotiations with Grimm to lead him to Gorilla City.

Petit's actions get ever more extreme, leading the Huntress to switch allegiance, if only in able to save her own life. With her help, Dick and Barbara are able to escape the clocktower, a little worse for wear, but also a little closer to each other.


"By Force of Arms"Edit