"Hero of the City"Edit

Nightwing revels in being back in Bludhaven, where he is one-hundred percent his own man, unconnected to the Batman. Mitch, who owes mob boss Ricky Noone a lot of money is kidnapped by Dominguez and Lake and bundled into a car boot. Dominguez and Lake are in turn attacked by Nite-Wing who ties them to the back of the car and takes it for a spin, leaving the police a rather messy double-homicide to deal with.

Meanwhile, Dick Grayson resumes his training at police academy, explaining that he has been absent due to a sudden illness. He graduates solidly at the end of the course. Mitch, the only potential witness to the murder, is offed by Ricky Noone, and Nite-Wing gets angry about the lack of publicity the case has had, promising Chief Redhorn to do better when he tackles Ricky Noone himself.


"Hero of the City"Edit