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"Tonight's the Nite"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Issue Number: 42
First Published: April 2000
Previous Issue: Nightwing #41
Next Issue: Nightwing #43


"Tonight's the Nite"Edit

Clancy throws a party to celebrate Dick's graduation (and her own success in gaining a place at medical school). Elsewhere, Nite-Wing accomplishes his goal and causes a car crash in which Ricky Noone is killed.

Dick is unable to gain a position in the Bludhaven police force, which he is determined to change from the inside out, and Chief Redhorn gives fellow graduate Mac Arnot an instant promotion to inspector, filling a position last held by Dudley Soames. Dick discovers yet more 'encouraging' news when he discovers, via Oracle, that Alistair Bendel-White of Intergang has set up offices in Bludhaven; investigating these he runs into both Nite-Wing and Torque.


"Tonight's the Nite"Edit



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