"Improper Angels"Edit

Dick finds himself in the offices of an Intergang enforcer facing Nite-Wing and Torque, the latter of whom sets off an explosion and escapes, forcing the two 'wings to take sanctuary in Bendel-White's safe. When the two of them emerge, they are confronted by a collection of police officers and make their escape as quickly as possible to avoid being riddled with bullets. Nightwing realises the wannabe's potential and decides to take him on as a partner, figuring it would be best to have him under some sort of control.

Investigating the case, Detective Addad is frustrated to have it taken out of his hands by rookie cop Mac Arnot. Clancy is similarly frustrated to learn that she and Dick are not destined to become an item, as an old relationship of his has just been rekindled. Also, Torque has kidnapped Bendel-White and reveals that he'd like to get in on the game in Bludhaven in partnership with Intergang. In return, he'll keep Bendel-White alive.


"Improper Angels"Edit