"The Stalkers"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Issue Number: 44
First Published: June 2000
Previous Issue: Nightwing #43
Next Issue: Nightwing #45


"The Stalkers"Edit

Nite-Wing confronts Chief Redhorn and extorts information about Blockbuster's activities from him. Blockbuster meanwhile, steps up the campaign to discover the identity of Oracle, who continues to siphon money from his accounts and seems untraceable, and Torque gains a chance to make a deal with Intergang.

Nightwing and Nite-Wing then go after Blockbuster, while Chief Redhorn makes a getaway from Bludhaven before his betrayal of the information is discovered. However, when the two crime-fighters arrive at Blockbuster's headquarters, they are taken out by the gorilla, Grimm, of whose existence they were unaware.


"The Stalkers"Edit



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