"The Dying Hours"Edit

Confronting Tad over the kid's murder of Cisco Blaine, Nightwing is interrupted by Grimm, and the murderer is able to escape. Nightwing himself is rescued from Grimm by the timely arrival of Robin and Alfred; the three of them then set off for Gotham, pursued by Thrilldevil, a motorbike-riding assassin.

Meanwhile, Black Canary escapes her kidnappers, leaping from the plane in which she is imprisoned and engaging in a mid-air battle with Lady Vic. Oracle is deeply relieved to find that help is most definitely on the way. Watched by Robin and Alfred, Nightwing plunges off a bridge with Thrilldevil, while the Mouse, Giz and Blockbuster arrive at a docked submarine which they calculate to be Oracle's last hiding place.


"The Dying Hours"Edit