"Slender Thread"Edit

A woman wrapped in a weird fabric throws millionaire Aaron Shue to his death before using the fabric to make her own getaway. The FBI come to take Tad away for questioning. Torque sees Blockbuster's desperate medical condition and decides not to kill him as he'd planned. Clancy starts premedical school. And Dick Grayson suddenly gets a position on the Bludhaven Police Department - he is unaware that the shady Mac Arnot has arranged this for him.

Nightwing catches up with the fabric-clad killer just after she kills another businessman, interrupting her search for something important. She dives out of the window, followed by Nightwing, and looses some of the fabric on him. Charged with static electricity it hampers his movement, and when the woman cuts his decel line he is only just about able to prevent himself being killed on impact with the road. It would be a great escape if there wasn't now a truck headed straight for him.


"Slender Thread"Edit