Nightwing narrowly escapes being run over on the highway, and, keeping a sample of the weird fabric entangling him, he asks Lucius Fox to investigate it, on the pretext that he wants to invest in the fabric. The next day is his first day at work, a stake out with Sergeant Amy Rohrbach, who is convinced he's on the corrupt cops' payroll. Not the most interesting of shifts; perhaps he should have stayed at the justice centre, where Mac Arnot enters Chief Ebersol's office only to be confronted by Dudley Soames toting a rather large gun.

Later, Nightwing pursues the final living owner of the patent for the strange fabric, discovering that the others were murdered by the daughter of the man who truly invented it, killed in revenge for them stealing the formula. Bang on cue, she turns up and tries to kill the last man, Drexel, but is prevented from doing so by Nightwing, and in making her escape she gets caught in her own fabric and breaks her neck.

After a night of very little sleep, Dick is woken by Rohrbach calling him in to a major situation at the Justice Centre.