"Big Guns"Edit

Former-Inspector Soames is holed up in the Justice Centre, with current Inspector Mac Arnot as hostage, and armed with a disturbingly powerful weapon, most likely supplied by his connections in Intergang. Nightwing is present in his civilian identity and sees an opportunity to do some good by volunteering to go into the building - he then slips away and changes into his Nightwing costume. When he catches up with Soames, Ms Goodley, attempts to gun down all concerned, and is quite literally toasted by Soames, her body being mistaken for that of Nightwing (or rather Dick Grayson) by Darren Michaelmas, ESU Commander. Soames then pushes Arnot out of the window, and despite the latter's corrupt nature, Nightwing naturally saves him, at which point Soames' gun reaches the point of explosion just as he is taken out by Michaelmas.

Grayson turns up alive and well after the inevitable explosion, much to Michaelmas' surprise and confusion - and Amy's disguised delight. Soames is taken to prison, where Amygdala is one of the guards and Tad is his cell-mate. Finally, Michael makes it quite clear that he suspects that there's something 'wrong' with Grayson and that he's got his eye on him.


"Big Guns"Edit