His first memory is of comic books featuring such people as General Glory, and of wishing that the real world was as simple. His dad was a fence, and often got arrested for selling stolen goods. He made up his mind to be a hero, but not like a cop, who he saw as being just as bad as his dad. When he discovered that his dad had become a grass for the police, he told some of his dad's friends, an action which got his dad killed, his mum arrested, for being an accessory to her husband's crimes and Tad taken into care. He didn't last long with any foster family, and eventually took to the streets. Here he dealt his own kind of justice, taking the money he needed to live from 'bad' people, often leaving them seriously injured. Or worse.

And once he gets out of jail he's going to continue his fight against evil, starting with those who do less than they could to fight evil, particularly Nightwing.