Nightwing brings Oracle the gun that was used to shoot her father so that she can get to work on tracing it. She discovers that the gun was part of a stash held by the Lucky Hand Traid, which was confiscated some time ago - but this particular firearm never made it to evidence control. She and Nightwing then discover that Officers Rich and Lowell were in charge of the bust; Oracle remembers Lowell as a loyal cop; Rich, however, is new to the force. After some further detective work, she discovers that Officer Rich was previously known as Jordan Reynolds, a former convict who turned states evidence and was given a new identity through witness protection. The man who had originally arrested him: Detective James Gordon...

At the hospital, Alfred berates his master for doing so little when he is so sorely needed: he is neither assisting with James Gordon's recovery nor helping in the hunt for the man that shot him. When Batman ignores him, Alfred leaves, probably forever. Soon, Barbara receives the news that her father has woken up, while Nightwing delivers the gun to Harvey Bullock along with what has been learnt about the shooting.