"In the Middle of the Cold, Cold Night"Edit

The more things change...the more they stay the same in Bludhaven. Chief Redhorn's replacement is dead, so the city welcomes its 'new' police chief...Redhorn. He's back for good and promises to clean the city up, but Nightwing wonders if this can possibly be true - the prospect certainly angers mob boss Blockbuster. On duty, Officers Grayson and Rohrbach are called to a domestic incident, and Grayson is shocked that they can do nothing about it: the woman in question is not going to press charges, so they just have to hope things work out. Well, Rohrbach does at least. Grayson can intervene as Nightwing, which he does, intimidating the seemingly abusive man into staying out of the woman's life. Rohrbach, meanwhile meets a number of other people in a Bludhaven church, saying that she thinks she sees something in Officer Grayson.

When Dick arrives back at his apartment block, he discovers ambulances outside: his friend and landlady Clancy has had a massive electric shock and isn't breathing. Elsewhere, Blockbuster assembles a team of his most frequent associates, for he wants to get rid of Nightwing once and for all. However, he has not brought them together to do this, but as a testing mission for the man he thinks can defeat his nemesis...Shrike.


"In the Middle of the Cold, Cold Night"Edit