"Love & Death"Edit

Blockbuster pits many of his most frequent hirelings against newcomer Shrike to see how they fare. Mouse and Giz wisely stay out of the fight, while Stallion, Brutale and Electrocutioner are easily taken out by Shrike. Meanwhile, in Lockhaven prison, Torque and Tad find that they have common enemies in both Nightwing and Blockbuster, planning to be revenged on them as soon as they escape. And Clancy's tenants worry about her as the emergency medics attempt to revive her.

Paramedics use artificial respiration to bring Clancy back from the brink, and it's love at first sight between her and one of her saviours. Back at Blockbuster's place, Shrike finally faces a serious threat in the person of Lady Vic. She is able to injure him quite seriously before he severs her sword and knocks her out, to Blockbuster's partial surprise. Blockbuster promises Shrike five million dollars if he can kill Nightwing; Shrike, thinking he recognises the hero, is glad to accept the job.


"Love & Death"Edit