Shrike tells Blockbuster of his history with Nightwing - or Robin as he was then. Meanwhile, in Barbara Gordon's apartment, Black Canary walks in on Nightwing in the shower, much to his and Barbara's embarrassment. Luckily, Nightwing doesn't know that Shrike is planning an attack against him, nor that Torque and Tad are planning to unbalance Amygdala and use him to escape from Lockhaven penitentiary.

When Black Canary and Oracle work out together, Barbara reveals that she's fallen totally in love with Nightwing, to the point of writing a note and slipping it into his glove. Dinah finds it necessary to tease her about it. Nightwing meanwhile visits the Spine, Bludhaven's main and nastiest street. He spots a number of men attacking a lone person and moves in to help, only to discover that it's a set-up: all the men, ninjas, turn on him. He is able to hold his own, but when he pursues them down an alleyway, a net is cast on him from above, cast by none other than Shrike, an old foe that Nightwing thought was long dead.