"Yesterday Never Dies"Edit

Shrike has Nightwing bound hand and foot and suspended from a warehouse ceiling by a thick chain. He tells him that it was pretty obvious that he was Robin's new identity, and reveals who he is to the hero: Boone, the original Shrike's protege. While Nightwing was unconscious, Shrike finger-printed him so that he could learn his real identity. In searching his costume, Shrike's men activate the one-shot taser charge in his costume, rendering the whole group of them unconscious. Barbara and Black Canary are then woken by an alarm that tells Babs/Oracle that someone is running a search on one of "the batguys"' fingerprints. She has foreseen this possibility and has created false records for them, which take a while to load, therefore allowing her to begin working on where the hero in question (in this case Nightwing) might be being held. She and the Black Canary then set out for Nightwing's last known position to try and help him.

While this has been happening, Nightwing has managed to remove the chain from his feet and hands. Shrike exults in his discovery that Nightwing is one Chester Honeywell, while Torque and Tad stage a diversion in which Tad pretends to suffer a drug overdose in order to allow Torque to investigate a certain medicine. As Oracle and Canary close in on Nightwing's location, Shrike is surprised to find Nightwing on the loose, although somewhat the worse for wear. However, he also has a surprise for the hero, in that he is backed up by another group of ninjas - he doesn't work entirely alone for his revenge.


"Yesterday Never Dies"Edit