"A World of Hate"Edit

Shrike and Nightwing square off against one another, but Nightwing is injured and not as quick as he usually is. Thankfully, when Shrike has his knife at Nightwing's throat, proceedings are interrupted by the high-pitched emissions of one of Black Canary's handy Canary Crys - Babs has tracked him down. Meanwhile, Torque asks prison dealer Chili Vasquez to get hold of the anti-histamine Acrotin for him.

Deep in the bowels of the pumphouse for the Dreserhaven canal, Shrike catches up with the fleeing Nightwing and Canary. His ninja henchmen also encounter the wheelchair-bound Oracle, thinking she is no threat; their mistake - she takes them all out with taser lines built into her chair. Nightwing chokes Shrike, but holds off from finishing the deed. As Oracle arrives on the scene, Nightwing too falls unconscious. When Nightwing wakes up, Oracle is at his bedside. She tells him that Shrike is under arrest, and the two of them share a kiss.


"A World of Hate"Edit