"Where's Freddy Minh?"Edit

Many rumours surround Freddy Minh, who controls Bludhaven's drug trade, but in all the time he's been in the place, Nightwing has never seen him. His police file yields next to no information, and fear tactics do not work on the 'haven's dealers. In his quest to find out about the man, he visits the Asian Crimes Task Force in his day job as a police officer, but even they can't help him. So, to find out the truth, Nightwing must make a visit to Minh's house.

There, he follows what look like medical personnel into a hidden sub-basement where he sees a number of babies being cared for and assumes that this is the beginnings of a trade in children as well as drugs. He is confronted by Minh's wife, who tells him that the children are her own, developed from frozen embryos which Nightwing rescued from the Black Mask's gang soon after his arrival in the city. For Madame Minh, they are all she has left of her husband, whose memory she keeps alive to keep his empire running. She tells Nightwing that she killed her husband because he was growing old and slow, too slow for the drug business. She also tells him that despite the debt she owes him for saving her children, the next time he invades her house he will be killed. Nightwing leaves, pondering how it is possible that Bludhaven continues to surprise him.


"Where's Freddy Minh?"Edit