"Midnight Madness"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Last Laugh
Issue Number: 62
First Published: December 2001
Previous Issue: Nightwing #61
Next Issue: Nightwing #63


"Midnight Madness"Edit

Nightwing makes his way inside the Slab to try and find the Joker, haunted by unpleasant memories of his previous encounters with the madman. The Joker has transformed numerous super-villains into his own likeness and Nightwing soon encounters some of these: Meahead, Riot and Leather. He is able to deal with them fairly quickly, though his encounter with Meathead is somewhat disgusting. Rancor watches this and rushes off to warn the Joker that Nightwing is on his way. The Joker is unconcerned, he's got more important things to worry a whole lot of people to kill.


"Midnight Madness"Edit



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