"Red, Fright and Blue"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Issue Number: 63
First Published: January 2002
Previous Issue: Nightwing #62
Next Issue: Nightwing #64


"Red, Fright and Blue"Edit

Robin and Blue Beetle help rid Bludhaven of the last of its Jokerised escapees from the Slab, notably Fleeter, leader of the Madmen, who is even madder than ever. While they do so, Robin thoroughlly enjoying the experience of working with the Blue Beetle, Nightwing is having to deal with his actions against the Joker - effectively killing him, even if the villain was able to be revived. He ignores Oracle, but cannot shrug off his friend Wally West quite so quickly when he pays a visit. As Robin and Blue Beetle leave Bludhaven they just have to hope that it is in good hands and that Nightwing is back on the streets.


"Red, Fright and Blue"Edit



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