"On a Christmas Evening"Edit

Dick discovers that the Bludhaven cops traditionally do what they can to answer all the letters sent to Santa from the deprived areas of town. He gets one which simply asks for a job for the writer's daddy so that he doesn't have to 'do bad stuff' any more, and decides to do what he can. He tries to track the writer, Sharra, down, eventually discovering that this is no doubt a 'Sharra Starlite' doll, this year's top gift. As Nightwing, he finds a guy that sells Sharras off the back of a lorry and from him finds the family that bought it. He discovers the father in deadly peril because his daughter has flushed a consignment of drugs down the toilet - it was her doll that 'wrote' the letter. Nightwing deals with the drug dealers and then, as Dick Grayson, arranges a job for the father, as the superintendent of his apartment building.


"On a Christmas Evening"Edit