"Time & Motion"
General Information
Series: Nightwing
Bruce Wayne: Fugitive
Issue Number: 68
First Published: June 2002
Previous Issue: Nightwing #67
Next Issue: Nightwing #69


"Time & Motion"Edit

Nightwing sweeps the Batcave for anomalies and discovers some electronic devices which would have allowed someone to get in undetected. However, they had to have been put there in the first place, so the intruder must have got in unaided by the devices at some point. Meanwhile, in Bludhaven, Tad and Dudley have an increasingly acrimonious confrontation that ends with shots being fired, and Hella discovers Lunchmeat Deever's location. Later, as Officer Dick Grayson, Nightwing sneaks a look at the G.C.P.D.'s files on the Wayne murder investigation.


"Time & Motion"Edit



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