General Information
Series: Nightwing
Issue Number: 87
First Published: January 2004
Previous Issue: Nightwing #86
Next Issue: Nightwing #88



When Dick and Barbara go out for a quiet meal in order to have a good talk, but they are interrupted by Tarantula, who attacks them (kissing Dick part way through), but is beaten off mainly through Barbara's efforts. Meanhwile, Maxine Michaels interviews the people from Dick's building to find out more about him, but ends up with more questions than answers for her employer - Blockbuster's man Westbrook. That night, Dick and Barbara visit a funfair, and when Dick continues to ignore her feelings on certain matters, Barbara says they should stop going out with each other. Tarantula sees this and reports back to Blockbuster. She was supposed to kill Barbara, but she says this will hurt Dick far more, and she's probably right.





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