Maxine Michaels has deduced Dick Grayson's secret (i.e. that he is also Nightwing) and fears that Blockbuster will attack the police department next, as she knows Dick really cares about it and its staff. The building is evacuated and Amy Rohrbach tries desperately to contact Dick. Nightwing, meanwhile, has finally tracked Blockbuster down. He persuades Tarantula not to kill the crime boss and manages to extract a confession from him without laying a finger on him. The two of them take the tape to Mateo Flores, district attorney, who crushes it. He has been in Blockbuster's pocket since Tarantula (Catalina Flores) killed Chief Redhorn - it was the only way to keep her out of jail. Tarantula sets off to find Blockbuster once more, while Nightwing spots a signal in the skies, obviously designed to attract his attention.