"Slow Burn"Edit

Nightwing discovers that the signal has been set up by Amy Rohrbach, with her husband's help, to contact him and warn him that Maxine Michaels has deduced his identity and that Blockbuster is likely to continue his campaign against him. He thanks Amy and finds Maxine Michaels, who has just enough time to tell him that she has only made the Dick/Nightwing connection in the last few hours before Blockbuster arrives, shooting her dead. Blockbuster tells him that he will never kill the hero, but instead kill anyone he knows, even anyone he bumps into in the street, for the rest of his life. And so, when Tarantula arrives, gun in hand, Nightwing does nothing to stop her killing his nemesis. He immediately realises what he's done, and feels that he has let both Batman and Tarantula down, but Tarantula is unconcerned.


"Slow Burn"Edit