"Casualty of War"Edit

Batman gives his troops their orders as they begin the fight to take back the city. Nightwing is to secure the area of the city west of Robinson Park. One of the first people he encounters as he does so is Firefly, who has apparently been working for one of Gotham's bosses, now dead. The last time Nightwing encountered Firefly, the arsonist burned down Haly's Circus, so the encounter is a personal one. Oracle learns that the police have been given a shoot-on-sight policy regarding masked vigilantes, and Nightwing is the first to encounter this, shot in the leg during his encounter with Firefly. The criminal is apprehended, but Nightwing passes out from loss of blood. And elsewhere, Black Mask searches for Spoiler, who has escaped from her bonds.


"Casualty of War"Edit