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Batman and Robin avoid Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara’s bullets by deflecting them with the bullet-proof soles of their boots; in the confusion, Batman cuts himself and his chum free using his Batknife, and they make their escape. Furious that the Dynamic Duo have escaped from his trap, the Penguin persuades his new society friends to make Commissioner Gordon rally a manhunt. The Dynamic Duo arrive at the Penguin Protection Agency, pretending to be insane and about to tear The Penguin and his henchmen, Eagle-Eye and Dove, to pieces. A fight breaks out, but then the police arrive and pursue the two crime fighters out of the building and into the street; the chase ends in a shootout in a nearby alley, in which Batman and his trusty chum are apparently killed. The Penguin is unaware that this is merely a ruse, as Batman has arranged for the policemen’s guns to be loaded with blanks; the Fiendish Fowl and his Finks steal the Batmobile and then speed off to plan their master plan, involving the Penguin’s marriage to Sophia Starr and the theft of his own wedding gifts!




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