The mysterious new villain dubbed the "Scarecrow" has been terrorizing Gotham University. During a break into a bank, Scarecrow encounters Batman and escapes while at the same time, injecting Batman with his "Fear Toxin" were Batman has a vision of his dead father expressing his disappointment. Later, Scarecrow reveals himself to his henchmen as Dr. Jonathan Crane, who was fired from Gotham University and wanted revenge. After figuring out that Dr. Jonathan Cranes had gotten all the ingredients to make the fear toxin, he tracked him down figuring he was the Scarecrow. Dr. Jonathan Crane had inhaled his own toxic gas when Batman showed up and apprehended him.



  • Written by Henry T. Gilroy & Sean Catherine Derek
  • Directed by Boyd Kirkland
  • Music by Shirley Walker


  • The sixth level of The Adventures of Batman & Robin: The Video Game is based strongly on this episode. The differences are Scarecrow's look, which matches his second design from the series, and Scarecrow being defeated by Batman while on top of his plane. The music is the same, however.
  • This episode introduced the popular catchphrase "I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!"
  • A Tiny Toon Adventures comic book can be seen being read by a security officer.
  • When Batman orders the computer in the Batmobile to search for the origin of a piece of Scarecrow's costume, one of the listed entities is Metropolis' Star Labs, of Superman fame.

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