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Oceanic Repellent Batsprays
Batcopter (1966)3
General Information
Official name: Oceanic Repellent Batsprays
First Appearance: Batman
Creators: {{{creator}}}
Type: Repellent
Used by: Batman

Oceanic Repellent Batsprays were utilized by Batman and Robin to defend themselves against certain marine life.


Known Oceanic Repellent BatspraysEdit

  • Shark Repellent - Used against certain or all shark breeds. Successful against one shark that bit Batman's leg.
  • Whale Repellent - Used against certain or all whale breeds. Likely does not repel orcas, or "Killer Whales", as they are porpoises.
  • Manta Ray Repellent - Used against certain or all Manta Ray breeds, and possibly other Rays.
  • Barracuda Repellent - Used against certain or all barracuda breeds.

These are just the known types carried in the Batcopter on a mission to investigate Commodore Schmidlapp's yacht. Batman may have developed or owned many more Repellent Batsprays, used in defense against other variety of marine life, as well as land animals.


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