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Oracle (Arkhamverse)
General Information
Real name: Barbara Gordon
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Detective Comics #359, January 1967)
Created by: Gardner Fox
Carmine Infantino
Affiliations: Batman
Alfred Pennyworth
Commissioner Gordon
Abilities: Genius-level intellect Superb hacker
Skilled detective
Photographic memory
Portrayed by: Kimberly Brooks (voice)
Kelsey Lansdowne (voice)
Ashley Greene (voice)

Oracle is an outside contact to Batman, filling him in on what is going on. She doesn't appear in the game but does speak directly to Batman up until Batman: Arkham Knight.


The daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner James W. Gordon, Barbara Gordon was forbidden by her overprotective father from joining the GCPD. Instead, she took on the identity of Batgirl and was a crime-fighting partner of Batman for years. But that all ended when the Joker shot her through the spine. Paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, Barbara adopted the new identity of Oracle, and now aids the Dark Knight with her computer expertise, providing Batman with a constant stream of information in the field to aid his battle against crime.


  • Eidetic memory - almost total recall of everything she sees and reads
  • Extensive headquarters in Gotham City's Clock Tower, filled with information archives
  • High level hacking and computer skills

Height: 5 ft 11 in Weight: 126 pounds

Batman: Arkham Origins

Unlike her father, Barbara believes Batman to be a hero, and is fully aware of the corruption within the GCPD, repeatedly citing the system as 'broken'.

Barbara is first seen arguing with her father about the Batman, who Gordon claims is "the worst kind of criminal: the kind who thinks their actions are justified." Barbara maintains a strong stand on her position, angrily telling Gordon that the system is broken before storming away. Gordon is frustrated and walks off.

Batman, who is looking for the GCPD's server room in order to access the National Criminal Database so he can learn more about the Joker, finds a startled Barbara sitting on her laptop when he enters. Batman tells Barbara to take it easy and begins to hack the system. Barbara impresses Batman by explaining to him the technicalities of the procedure involved in hacking the servers, to which Batman responds by warning that the kind of knowledge Barbara possesses could get her into trouble.

Barbara informs Batman that the telecom wires of the GCPD run through the sewers underneath the building. Before Batman leaves, Barbara asks him why he does what he does, and Batman says he made a promise. The police suddenly throw a smoke bomb into the room, allowing Batman to quickly escape. The officers ask Barbara who she was talking to, and Barbara, clearly frustrated, claims that she was voice-chatting on her laptop.

Barbara later hacks into Batman's communication device, and informs him that the Penguin has arms caches located at criminal-guarded spots around the city. She requests that Batman use his newly-acquired disruptor to render the containers useless, as the police are incompetent towards the case. Batman is able to take care of the job and Barbara is very grateful.

Barbara is present with her father at Blackgate Prison as they watch the police secure the area in the aftermath of the events that happen that night, and Gordon explains how Batman has given the city something to believe in.

In Enigma's extortion file for Gordon, Barbara can be heard talking to Gordon about how police forces are near their house. Gordon explains to Barbara how to use his police radio, which contains frequencies indicated to be communication channels used by the corrupt cops.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

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Road to Arkham

After foiling the Joker's latest scheme and transferring him to Arkham Asylum via Batmobile, Oracle contacted Batman, having heard of the events prior, stating that the Joker was his third 'big gun' in the last month, following Victor Zsasz and the Scarecrow. Batman discussed his suspicions with the similarities and convenience surrounding the three captures before Batman arrived at Arkham.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Ark mansOraclemessage-bmgame2009-3o8c

Batman contacts Oracle for the first time using an ear communicator in his cowl while following the Joker's trail of destruction.

Shortly after Batman had arrived with the Joker at Arkham Asylum, the Joker was escorted by a team of armed and armored security guards to the Holding Cells, where he broke free. The Clown Prince of Crime killed a guard and a doctor in the area before freeing all the prisoners housed in the Holding Cells. While Batman fought them off, the Joker ran amok through the Intensive Treatment Facility, killing asylum guards in his path. Batman followed him, leaving Commissioner Gordon, Barbara's father, inside a reception area guarded by Frank Boles, a decorated Arkham security guard. As he arrived at the Patient Pacification Chamber, Batman contacted Oracle via his communications system. He assured her that her father was safe. This proved to be wrong, however, as Frank Boles was secretly in the Joker's employ and he clubbed Gordon with a nightstick, kidnapping him and regrouping with the Joker's partner-in-crime, Harley Quinn. Batman informed Barbara of this calamity, but she remained calm despite her fears. Batman contacted her again, telling her he was going to the office unit where Gordon had been to see if he could pick up a trail. He isolated his cowl's vision to detect traces of Boles' favorite tipple in the air and follow him. Batman contacted Oracle again after saving Henry Smith, an Arkham guard from a falling elevator cut by Harley Quinn. ("Harley Quinn tried to slow me down. Dropped an elevator on me.") Barbara asked if it worked, to which Batman responded to with a chuckle:"Of course not."

Oracle Arkhamverse

Oracle's photo

Batman also found that the Joker's thugs had gotten control of guns and had shot many of the asylum's guards. She helped him use his cowl's vision to detect armed henchmen, which would now appear in red. The Riddler later used the same "primitive communications system" Batman used to contact Oracle to assign him the challenge of solving 240 challenges across Arkham Island. Upon arriving in Arkham East, Batman contacted Oracle and asked her to shut down the Batmobile's countermeasure system when Harley Quinn and several escaped inmates thrashed the Batmobile with pieces of piping, since if she still was holding Gordon captive, he would get hurt as well. Oracle disabled the security system for Batman, then was called on by Batman again after he arrived in Arkham North. He had found Commissioner Gordon's pipe at the scene and Barbara revealed that she had once given it to him as a birthday present and that he would never leave it. Batman used this piece of information to deduce that Gordon was leaving him a trail to follow. He was correct, as Gordon had left clumps of tobacco in his wake for Batman to follow. Batman later tracked Gordon to the Medical Facility in Arkham West. Batman at one point was exposed to the Scarecrow's fear gas and began hallucinating. He found the commissioner's dead body slumped against the wall of an empty hallway outside the Morgue.

However, when the Dark Knight tried to contact Oracle to inform her of her father's death, Barbara's voice responded to Batman in his drugged state, disconnecting him. After recovering from the effects of the gas, Batman went back to where he'd seen Gordon's corpse, only to find it was really just another Arkham security guard Scarecrow had killed earlier. Oracle remained Batman's radio contact for the rest of the Joker's takeover. On one instance, he called her as he was going into Killer Croc's lair to retrieve an antidote to the Venom-based drug Titan. She told him it sounded like a suicide mission. When asked about Croc, Batman responded that Croc was just an animal and needed the right bait. Batman eventually detonated explosives under the ground as Killer Croc lunged for him, dropping the villain into the Gotham River below. After the Joker's defeat, Barbara called her father up as the Gotham City Police Department retook control of Arkham Island. He told her that doctors were treating the injured and that most inmates were back in custody. Gordon also informed his daughter that the Joker's men were recovering from the effects of the Titan drug the Joker had injected them with. Barbara asked how he was, and Gordon told her simply, "I'll survive." He promised to see her that night.

Batman: Arkham City

During the first part of the game, Alfred was Batman's main contact for information. Later, Oracle contacted Batman after he defeated some of The Penguin's henchmen. She remains his main radio contact for the remainder of the game, helping Batman find clues to apprehend Deadshot, the Identity Thief, and even The Riddler. She keeps Batman informed on what is happening outside of Arkham City, and is eventually able to deactivate Protocol 10 at his request. Similar to the previous game, Oracle is unseen, but remains a prominent character throughout the game.

In an alternate ending, if Catwoman chooses to leave Arkham City and not help Batman, Barbara Gordon sends out a distressed radio call. She states that Wayne Manor was destroyed and that James Gordon and others are dead, finally revealing that The Joker had "won." Luckily, the game is then reversed back, and Catwoman is able to make the right decision to go and save Batman.

Harley Quinn's Revenge

After Batman was taken prisoner by Harley Quinn in the secret base she had set up, Oracle sent Robin two days later to find him and rescue him. When Robin arrived, he told her that Quinn was preparing for a siege of some kind, but she said only to find Batman and then leave immediately.

When Robin entered the secret base and found Quinn, he told Oracle that he was seeing Quinn with a group of captured GCPD officers. Shortly after that, Robin found Batman's utility belt and Oracle asked him if he had made any progress. Robin said he was getting close, and later contacted Oracle to say Batman was trapped but was in some kind of meditative state.

Batman was later rescued and Quinn was also defeated.

Batman: Arkham Unhinged

Oracle appears in a few issues of the Arkham City tie-in comics. At one point, Oracle was attempting to search for the mad doc alongside Nightwing. She also informed Batman of Vicki Vale's disappearance when Vale was kidnapped by the Mad Hatter.

In the issue "Beloved", Barbara expressed her dislike of Talia, claiming her presence jeopardizes the mission. Bruce said it was a personal matter and also revealed this was why he let Barbara and Dick date behind his back.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Oracle BatmanArkhamKnight-promoad

At the beginning of the game, Barbara has remained in the clock-tower base despite telling her father that she was leaving Gotham with the rest of the citizens following Scarecrow's threat. Although she assists Batman in the initial stages of his investigation into the identity of new foe the Arkham Knight, she is subsequently captured by the Knight's forces. Batman attempts to track her down, but by the time he finds her in an old safehouse of Crane's, she has been exposed to fear toxin that causes her to see Batman as an unspecified monster, resulting in Barbara committing suicide out of terror at what the 'creature' could do to her.

However, this is later revealed to be an illusion created by Batman's own exposure to Crane's toxin, with Barbara later revealed as alive to be used by Crane as a hostage to force her father to shoot Batman. Although Gordon obeys the order, he deliberately shoots Batman on the heavily-armoured bat-symbol on his chest, allowing Batman to recover in time to save Barbara for real. At the conclusion of the game, it is revealed that she is about to be married to Tim Darke, with her father being Tim's best man and walking Barbara down aisle.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Batman: Arkham Knight

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