"A Matter of Anti-Life or Death"Edit

With some quick last minute thinking, Oracle is able to save herself and her friends by racing to the breaker box and cutting power to the place. But her recent acquisition of the ALE elements now forces both herself and Calculator into a dangerous endgame scenario. It's now a race to the finish line to determine which party will be able to use the equation and to what end. Realizing that there is some kind of connection between what happens in the Alta Viva game and what happens in real life, Barbara tracks down the creator of Alta Viva Corey Wynn in Gotham City. His status as super-mod allows her access to the root code where she is able to make her way inside of Calculator's little digital fort he's created for himself within the game's system. She then delivers a payload of coding to Chaos Larry's avatar which counters the effects of the ALE and brings the man back from cardiac arrest in real life!

With Chaos Larry safe and sound in the real world, Barbara assumes control over his character inside of Alta Viva and confronts the Calculator as he finishes processing the last sequences of code he needs in order to complete his Anti-Life crystals. Oracle shoves one of the Anti-Life data clusters down the Calculator's throat (causing considerable harm to him in the real world as well as the digital realm) and then watches as a sickly Calculator is forced to retreat from his base at the server station and head towards the hospital where his daughter is lying in a coma.

He arrives to find Barbara waiting for him. But before he can introduce his Anti-Life crystals to his daughter, Wendy wakes up on her own! Though he is elated to see his daughter awake from her coma, Calculator is none too happy when the police arrive. He goes to attack Barbara with the ALE crystals but the precious code sequences shatter against her escrima sticks as she reaches up to protect herself.

Covered in residue from the Anti-Life crystals, Barbara informs Calculator that she had already neutralized his code sequences during their brief encounter in Alta Viva. Not only was his equation made ineffective but she had also coded an alarm of sorts into the sequence so that the residue coating Calculator will set off a series of alerts should he even attempt to go near the internet anytime again! As the police haul Noah Kuttler away for the murders he committed, his daughter Wendy is sitting up in bed screaming. It would seem as though while she has been awakened from her coma she now has no feeling whatsoever in her legs - a condition which Oracle vows to amend.


"A Matter of Anti-Life or Death"Edit