The Overweight Joker Goon was one of the Joker Goons.


The Overweight Joker Goon had a black sweater and wore a baseball cap. He was first seen when The Joker killed Antoine Rotelli. He was seen later at the Flugelheim Museum along with Joker, Bob, and the other Joker Goons, who helped them destroy or mutilate the artwork. He gave chase to Batman and Vicki Vale, along with Bob and the rest of the Joker Goons. He then knocked Batman out and shot him. He didn't know who Batman was, so they tried to remove his mask before Vicki took a picture of them. He then tried to shoot Batman but he lost his weapon, was punched, and kicked over several garbage bags.

Along with five other Joker goons, he disguised himself as a street mime in order to sneak up on Vinnie Ricorso's bodyguards and shoot them after the Joker stabbed Ricorso in the throat with a quill pen. The Overweight Mime was grotesque even for a mime, with smeared red lips and a black streak running from his left temple down to his left jawbone. He was the first of the mimes to appear on the street, walking out in a robotic fashion from behind a car, much to the amusement of a young girl standing against the car. He then robot-walked right past Bruce Wayne, who at first tried to ignore him but then shot an annoyed glare. Since Bruce did not know the mimes were Joker Goons - and indeed, was not even aware of the Joker's existence yet - it's possible that Bruce either has a hatred of mimes or he was just offended that someone was pestering him when he was still in a somber mood from having just visited the site of his parents' murders.

He was ordered to pick up Joker and Vicki in 10 minutes. He was last seen in Joker's Helicopter along with the Helicopter Joker Goon, summoning their boss to the drop ladder. His fate was never revealed, but it was implied that he was apprehended by the GCPD as in the final scene of the film that Commissioner James Gordon gave a speech that the remnant of the Joker Goons who were not killed were captured by the GCPD.

Behind The ScenesEdit