Owlman is the Earth-Three counterpart of Batman.


Owlman was born into the partially "reversed" universe of Earth-Three that was based on the ideals of "Good" and supportive morality of the general populace and law and order to be the norm. Most of Owlman's history is unrevealed. What is known is that the person who would assume the identity of Owlman is that he was born with an enhanced intelligence and low level superhuman mental abilities. He would develop artificial devices to enhance his mental abilities, most notably the large reflective owl eyes in his helmet which he uses as a focusing transmitter onto his target.

With the extra powers he developed through training as well as his experimentations, he adopted the name of "Owlman" and began his life long career of criminal conquest. It would be during his attacks that he joined in the loose partnership with the other four super-powered beings on Earth-Three and founded the organization known as the Crime Syndicate of America.

It would be after largely conquering most of their world that Owlman and his fellow Crime Syndicate members challenged the combined forces of the Earth-One Justice League of America and Earth-Two Justice Society of America. Not able to withstand the combined mights of two Earths greatest superbeings, the Crime Syndicate was defeated and imprisoned in an extradimensional bubble created by the Earth-One Green Lantern.

After their defeat by the combined forces of the Justice Society and the Justice League, Owlman escaped from his imprisonment along with his other Crime Syndicate members though unlike his partners whose adventures were documented, Owlman mostly stayed in the background probably due to the nature of his non physical powers. Owlman joined his fellow Crime Syndicate members who temporarily joined with Per Degaton and the Ultra-Humanite and his new time-traveling band of the Secret Society came to Earth-Three.[1] Owlman and the others would battle against Alexander Luthor, Sr. and other heroes on many occasions who would routinely defeat Owlman and the other members of the Crime Syndicate. This basic stalemate of almost endless escape and imprisonment would continue until the antimatter wave attack of the Anti-Monitor came to Earth-Three during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Unable to stop the antimatter wave that was destroying Earth-Three, Owlman and the other members of the Crime Syndicate teamed up with Luthor, Sr. in an attempt to stop the attack. Despite his many plans and strategies to overcome the anti-matter attack that were enhanced with Luthor, Sr.'s super-science equipment, Owlman was killed by the near infinite power of the anti-matter wave that destroyed his entire universe and everyone in the dimension of Earth-Three.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super-Intelligence
  • Mental Domination: A form of hypnosis.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Owlman possessed no known physical superhuman abilities, but was known to have mastered several known hand to hand combat styles including judo.

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