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Pally Otchee
Pally Otchee
General Information
Real name: Pally Otchee
First Appearance: Batman Beyond #1
Created by: Adam Beechen
Norm Breyfogle
Affiliations: Jokerz
Joker King

Pally Otchee is the right-hand clown of the Joker King.


Attracted by the lifestyle and philosophy of the Joker, Pally Otchee became a Joker. During one of the times in prison, he shared a cell with Doug Tan. Pally and the Joker King observed as Batman took down the Star City Jokerz as part of a test to study the Batman by the Joker King. On Joker King's instructions, Pally told the Calvin City Jokerz to meet in Reed Park and get ready to "party" where they too were beaten by Batman.

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