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Penguin's Umbrella
Penguin's Umbrella
General Information
Official name: Umbrella (With various names depending on the type)
First Appearance: Detective Comics #58 (December 1941)
Type: High-tech umbrella
Used by: The Penguin

The Penguin nearly always carried an Umbrella with him. The umbrella was never a normal umbrella, and had built-in weaponry such as guns, missiles, laser guns, flame-throwers, and acid spraying devices. He also had some used for modes of transportation such as ones that had a series of built in spinning blades to use as a mini helecopter or a jet powered engine to ride it as a broomstick. 


The infamous umbrella of the Penguin came into play during his first appearance. Penguin carried the umbrella to art galleries, where he stole paintings and slipped them inside the handle. After he captured Batman, Penguin offered to show him his collection of umbrellas. A huge assortment decorated his hideout, and Penguin seemed to rather an enjoy a particular one which he purchased in Spain. However, Penguin most often used a pistol as a weapon of defense. The umbrella's offensive weaponry did not come into play until later stories. The Golden Age Batman was shown to keep one of Penguin's Umbrellas in the Batcave, one that fired poison gas from its tip. Apparently, Penguin's father died of pneumonia in a rain storm and his "over protective mother" made him carry around an umbrella with him everywhere. That, after becoming a criminal, grew into Penguin's main weapon.

In Other MediaEdit

Batman (1960s series) and Batman (1966 film)Edit

The Penguin, master of the umbrella, had many secret weapons that were hidden in those rain protectors:

  • Umbrellas that appeared in the Batman (1960s series) and Batman (1966 film)

Episode Info Detail:

  • 2-27 Bat Detector in handle
  • 1-04 Batbrella made especially for Batman, contained a secret radio transmitter in handle
  • 2-17 Boxing Glove
  • 2-18 Boxing Glove during fight
  • 1-21 Bullet-proof with hook to capture a crook
  • 1-21 Cement filled to knock out the Dynamic Duo
  • 1-22 Diversionary umbrellas that were used to cover theft of the wedding gifts
  • 2-43 Gas
  • 1-03 Giant umbrella used to deliver smaller umbrella
  • 3-04 Glass cutting tip, with a bomb
  • 2-17 Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks (G.O.O.N.) squad used them as swords
  • 2-28 Gun
  • 1-21 High-Powered Demagnetizer Coil and Secret Radio Detector
  • 0-00 Jet Pack version to drop in on Bruce Wayne and Kitka
  • 3-04 Knife/razor in tip
  • 1-33 Knockout Penguin Gas
  • 2-28 Knockout gas
  • 1-04 Knockout gas
  • 1-33 Many umbrellas that surrounded and blocked the Dynamic Duo's way
  • 1-21 Shot colored dry ice to dispel the steam during a steam room kidnapping
  • 3-05 Sparkler & Parachute
  • 1-33 Spear came out of the end
  • 1-03 Trick umbrellas that were given to customers to cause confusion
  • 1-33 Used as swords
  • 1-04 Used to cross to the penthouse apartment with the Penguin-Line
  • 3-01 red knockout gas
  • 3-01 used as a parachute
  • 1-34 used to drop onto the balcony of Miss Natural Resources

The Batman/Superman HourEdit

In the Batman/Superman Hour, the Penguin's arsenal of umbrellas included an umbrella that shot bullets like a machine-gun, an umbrella with a shooting dagger tip, and an umbrella that fired gas. In The New Adventures of Batman, the Penguin had an umbrella that fired gas once that was triggered by squeezing a soft, round handle, an umbrella with built in jets to help Penguin escape, and a mirrored umbrella that deflected energy beams.

Batman: The Animated SeriesEdit

See The Penguin (Batman: The Animated Series) for a complete list of umbrellas used by The Penguin in the show.

Batman ReturnsEdit

BR Penguin's umbrellas

The Penguin with his deadly trick umbrellas in Batman Returns

The Penguin used several umbrellas in Batman Returns, that looked like ordinary umbrellas with deadly hidden devices:

Order of Appearance:Edit

  • Flamethrower: A normal black umbrella that shot bursts of fire from the tip
  • Sword: A normal black umbrella that unsheathed a razor sharp blade from the tip
  • Swirl: A Black and white umbrella that had a hypnotizing pattern when spun and fired blanks to scare Max Shreck into helping him. Shreck, when he first saw the umbrella, also questioned whether it would hypnotize him (which referred to a similar umbrella from the 1960s TV series), although Penguin denied that it was the case and that it was just to "give [Shreck] a splitting headache."
  • Helicopter: A normal black umbrella that had secret switch on the handle that changed the top of the umbrella into helicopter blades for flight.
  • Firearm: A normal black umbrella that gave an a normal gun shot, but could change into a rapid fire machine gun. Penguin used that one to escape from an angry crowd and back into the sewer.
  • Animal Umbrella: Also known to the Penguin as his "cute one." A red and white umbrella (carousel colored) that played hypnotic music and had models on animals that dangled from the top and whirled round like a merry go-round. Penguin was going to use that to hypnotize the first born children of Gotham that he kidnapped to follow him and drown. It was seen again when Penguin was near death and made one last attempt to kill Batman. Penguin hoped to pull out one of his weapon umbrellas, but grabbed that particular one by mistake before he fell to the ground and died.


The Penguin utilized his umbrellas as a variety of tools, including a gun and a poison-tip assassination weapon.

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