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Oswald Cobblepot
General Information
Real name: Oswald Cobblepot
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: The Children of Arkham
Abilities: Criminal genius
Assorted bird-related paraphernalia
Vast underworld connections
Skilled in organized leadership
Portrayed by: Jason Spisak (voice)

The Penguin is a member of the Children of Arkham and the secondary antagonist in Batman: The Telltale Series. His true identity is Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot, a member of one of Gotham's "great families" and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne.


Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was the son of Theodore Cobblepot and his wife Esther. His family was once a large influence on Gotham, owning a large portion of the city's land, even building a park for the city's public. Oswald became friends with Bruce Wayne when they were young. According to Alfred Pennyworth, the two were "as thick as thieves", though Oswald would take this quite literally in later life.

Whilst still a child, Oz's family lost his fortune to an unspecified event, likely from events set in motion by Thomas Wayne, Carmine Falcone and Hamilton Hill. Whilst running for mayor, his father was assassinated by men working for Hill, though staged to look like a suicide, whilst his mother was forcefully committed to Arkham Asylum by Wayne to take control of land she legally owned. After this, Oswald moved to the UK, joining the military for some time. After receiving a dishonorable discharge, he went on to establish himself as a professional criminal. Oz set up a number of illegitimate enterprises, including illegal boxing matches and arms dealing, under the alias "Penguin". Oswald also arrested many times, once with the Essex Police Department, and served a number of prison sentences.

At some point, Oswald came back to Gotham for unspecified reasons. He also joined the group known as the "Children of Arkham", though it is currently unknown whether he joined before returning to Gotham. Oswald later contacted Mayor Hill and, though either blackmail or a willing alliance, had him compile data and information about Falcone and the Wayne's illegal activities. Unknown to Hill, Oswald planned to turn on him and kill him once he had released this information. Oswald also hired famed cat-burglar Catwoman to steal this data from Hill and help members of the Children of Arkham find the psychogenic chemical that drove his mother, and hundred of other citizens, insane.

Episode One: Realm of ShadowsEdit

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Oswald was first seen by Bruce at a fundraising event for Harvey Dent's campaign as Mayor. He, having possibly gatecrashed the event, was seen drinking at a table, though did not converse with any of the guests. As he left, he met with Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth, leaving arrangement to meet at Cobblepot Park at 6am in the morning.

A short time before he arrived, Bruce received a text from Oz saying that he'd be late. When he arrived, Oswald found that Bruce was being set on by two muggers. He interfered and brutally beat them up, telling them that "lowlifes" like them were the reason places like his park were ruined. Afterward, he and Bruce conversed briefly about their pasts since their last meeting. Oswald showed disdain for the park and how badly his family's legacy had fallen. Oswald also mentioned seeing Falcone at the fundraiser and expressed his distain towards the mob boss, even stating that he would like to see Falcone fall from power. He also warned Bruce about a "revolution" he was planning, warning Bruce to "be on the right side" when it started. He then left to [organize the revolution].

Episode Two: Children of ArkhamEdit

The next morning, Oswald and his men arrived at the Skyline Club, following the murder of Falcone at Renee Montoya's hands, through drugging by a member of the Children of Arkham. However, it is possible that either he was responsible for this, all be it unlikely. Blackmailing one of the late crime lord's henchmen into bringing him to the club, he looked around for evidence linking either Thomas Wayne and Hill to Falcone's organization. Whilst investigating the office with Roland Desmond, the criminal he blackmailed and a number of his own men, he was confronted by Batman.

When the vigilante pressed him of knowledge of Falcone's murder, Oswald admitted to having organized this and that his death sparked the beginning of his revolution. He may also let a hostage go if Batman had demanded it. As they argued on how Oswald was fighting for the same cause as Batman, he was drawn away by one of his men, who revealed that they had located Catwoman. Letting the vigilante know that he had arranged for her to be murdered, Oswald left, with Batman being apprehended by Desmond whilst the group escaped.

Later, at the debate, Oswald, as his criminal ego "the Penguin", attacked the Gotham City Mayoral debate. Murdering the moderator and "forcing" Vicki Vale on stage to host the event, he injected each of the potential mayors with the same psychogenic chemical that had been used to commit his mother. As they drew near to argument, Penguin and his men showed a video clip of Thomas Wayne committing his mother. As the GCPD tried to storm the debate, Oswald took Vale hostage as Batman appeared.

Vale threw a punch and fled, with Oswald firing blindly at her in rage. Batman, however, protected her from the gunfire and threw a Batarang at him. Whilst Roland engaged with the vigilante, Oswald turned his attention to Hill. Despite Hill's protests to spare him, even trying to claim that he had arranged the Waynes' murder because he believed he had gone too far, Oswald gunned him down.

Dent, who had tried to save Hill by attacking Penguin, was taken hostage and held at gunpoint whilst Batman and Catwoman confronted Penguin. In a bid to drive them off, he shot at the duo, injuring Catwoman. Oswald then threw Dent on the floor and tried to attack him with a stage light. Batman has the option of intervene or saving Catwoman from a group of Children of Arkham members.

Batman chooses to save Dent, grabbing the light fixture and beats Oswald down. He then turns his attention to saving Catwoman. However, during this, Penguin manages to escape, leaving only his mask.

Batman chooses to save Catwoman. Penguin will attack Dent with the light and disfigure him. Batman, too late to intervene, attacks him, but is distracted by the arrival of the GCPD. Penguin escapes, leaving only his mask.

Episode Three: New World OrderEdit

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Episode Four: Guardian of GothamEdit

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Episode Five: City of LightEdit

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Penguin (Telltale)

Oswald, dressed as the Penguin

As the Penguin, Oswald dressed in a smart suit and worn a bird mask. Unlike most iterations of the character, he does not possess a top hat or use a gadget/weapon filled umbrella.


After taking control of Wayne Enterprises, Oswald developed a special eye-piece that would allow him to control drones. Connected to a black box he had installed in the Wayne Enterprises system, he could remotely control them to attack enemies or perform other tasks he wished them to perform.


After taking control of Wayne Enterprises, Oswald was able to take control of the system and gain access to the R&D departments. One of these contraptions were drones, similar to those used by Batman in the field. Through the drones, Penguin could attack enemies without having to physically meet them. However, these drones were operated by a black box that he had installed in the Wayne Enterprises system and would be completely shut off if this was destroyed.


Bruce Wayne/BatmanEdit

Oswald and Bruce were best friends during their childhoods. However, after Bruce's parents died, the two became distant. Whilst he appeared to have a fondness towards him, he actually held a grudge against Bruce, after he learnt that Thomas Wayne forcefully committed his mother. When Oswald took over the job as CEO of Wayne Enterprises following Bruce's "resignation", he acted disrespectfully toward him, even going as far as to break a present from Alfred, to taught or anger him, and write a disrespectfully speech for him to read out during the press conference announcing this event.

However, Oswald held a great respect for Batman, as he believed that the two were fighting for the same cause; Justice in Gotham. However, unlike the vigilante, Oswald had no problem killing and willing to get his hands dirty in crime to achieve his goals. Due to this, Batman would see him as a danger and try to bring him down too.

Selina Kyle/CatwomanEdit

Oswald anonymously hired the Catwoman to steal information of Falcone's activities from the Mayor's office and to show Children of Arkham mercenaries the containments for the psychogenic chemical that drove his mother and others insane. However, after she failed to retrieve the data and to turn up at the rendezvous point, their working relationship fell apart, prompting Oswald to place a bounty on her head. If Selina had known he had hired her, she may have never agreed, as she was fully aware of "the Penguin's" activities in the UK.

Hamilton HillEdit

Oswald approached Hamilton Hill and blackmailed him into retrieving data about the Wayne family and Falcone organization. Using this, whilst Hill thought he could handle Oswald or that he would keep his end of the bargain. However, unknown to Hill, Oswald planned attack it anyway and murder Hamilton. During the debate between him and Harvey Dent, Oswald, as the Penguin, attacked the event with the Children of Arkham and, after showing footage of Hill and Thomas Wayne committing Esther Cobblepot, murdered Hill. This may have been out of revenge for what Hill had done to his mother.

The Children of ArkhamEdit

Oswald, as like other decedents of people unlawfully committed to Arkham, was approached by Lady Arkham or other existing members of the group to join the Children of Arkham. He was given a high position and would lead members on attacks of the Skyline club and Monarch Theater. However, its possible Lady Arkham never reveal her identity to him, as he took her alter-ego (Vicki Vale) hostage during the attack on the debate and blindly fired at her, after she attacked him in an escape attempt. Oswald may also have a close connection to Roland Desmond/Blockbuster, as he acted as Oswald's right hand man during these attacks. Oswald also acted as an informant for the group for Wayne Enterprises. He even being hired as CEO, with the group hiding or possibly destroying his criminal past.


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