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Poison Ivy plants

"Project Gilgamesh"- Poison Ivy's prototype Animal-Plant Hybrid

Poison Ivy bred genetically-engineered animal-plant hybrids in the 1997 film Batman & Robin.


Dr. Pamela Isley began to create Animal-Plant Hybrids in a South American jungle laboratory facility funded by Wayne Enterprises. Her success in trying to complete and perfect the hybrid was interrupted constantly by the ambitious, but treacherous, Dr. Jason Woodrue. The toxic chemical, labelled 'Venom' by these two doctors, was being stolen from Isley's lab and used in Woodrue's experiments to create the chemically altered human being known as 'Bane'. After discovering Woodrue's experiment during an auction to world terrorist leaders, Isley refused to join Woodrue in his financial endeavours. He attempted to dispose of her by pushing her into a table of various poisons, toxins and chemicals, but instead caused her transformation into 'Poison Ivy'.

Ivy moved from the jungles of South America to Gotham City and took her dangerous Animal-Plant Hybrids with her, contained within tiny seeds. After taking over a Turkish bathhouse from a criminal group in the city, she used the seeds to create a lair of freakishly overgrown plants, called 'Paradise' by Ivy herself. She continued to experiment with her hybrids, showing a half-snake half-plant hybrid to Mr. Freeze when she introduced him to her lair. Her plan was to overrun the entire world with hybrid plants after Freeze had annihilated all life with the modified observatory telescope.

The hybrids were later used against Batman and Robin when Ivy was able to seduce Robin to her lair. After Robin revealed his treachery, Ivy pushed him into a pool of lily pond vines which attempted to drown him. Batman was attacked by ceiling vines. Yet after Ivy's defeat by Batgirl, Robin was let out of their grasp and Batman cut his way out of the vines holding him. With Ivy incarcerated, it is assumed that the hybrids were removed and destroyed, or else died without their mother.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Poison Ivy lying on the 'flower-bed' hybrid


Ivy attacked by the hybrid after her defeat by Batgirl, the reasons for this attack are unknown

The hybrids were incredibly strong and incredibly self-aware plants, a chemical combination of plant life and animal instinct. Isley says she created them to 'fight back' and uses them in the latter half of the film to attack the Caped Crusaders. Though they seem under Poison Ivy's control, being their mother/creator, it is ambiguous to whether she has entire control over them. They certainly seem to respond to her however, such as the incased snake-plant hybrid and the plants in her lair. They create the seductive atmosphere when Robin enters the lair (at Ivy's whim to lower curtains of vine behind him and open leaves to reveal her) and yet attack Robin and Batman aggressively when Ivy is riled at Robin's betrayal. However they seem to react violently against Ivy when she is finally beaten by Batgirl, her 'flower-bed' crushing her when she is kicked back unto it, the reasons for which are unknown.

They seem to be incredibly strong, being able to lift Batman and crush Robin, and yet their poisonous abilities remain unknown despite the implications in the film of lethal toxins and chemicals. Several variants of the hybrids are seen, the clearest distinction in the snake-plant hybrid shown to freeze and the largest being the 'flower-bed' that Ivy lies on in the lair. The 'flower-bed' itself has unknown weapons, appearing to crush Poison Ivy after she is defeated but also implying that it can drain its victims (Ivy appears significantly weakened in her final scene in Arkham Asylum, implying this attack may have something to do with it). As the only hybrid to exhibit any form of violent behaviour to Ivy, it is ambiguous to why it did attack; a defensive mechanism to being landed on, perhaps it was to drain the seduced Robin in a deadlier trap or perhaps a suggestion that the hybrids are rebelling against their mother.

Behind the scenesEdit


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