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Poison Ivy
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General Information
Real name: Pamela Lillian Isley
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum, (Batman #181) (June 1966)
Created by: Robert Kanigher
Sheldon Moldoff
Affiliations: Catwoman
Abilities: Expertise in botany and toxicology
Plant manipulation
Portrayed by: Tasia Valenza (voice)

"Do you really think you can beat mother nature?"
―Poison Ivy to Catwoman[src]

Botanist Pamela Isley was transformed into a plant-human hybrid by a science experiment gone wrong. With chlorophyll flowing through her veins instead of blood, she developed a toxic touch and a pheromone-fueled talent for seduction.


Her crimes have become more ecologically focused as she has increasingly abandoned her human side, identifying more with the natural world. Her unique brand of eco-terrorism often puts her into conflict with Batman, whose iron will usually protects him from her seductive powers.

Height = 5' 8"

Weight = 115 pounds

Apparently she prefers to be au natural with her plants and barely covers herself; only keeping one or two buttons on her shirt buttoned and wearing foliege panties, taking on a "naked goddess" persona.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

See: Poison Ivy (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

After Arkham

Poison Ivy AC

Poison Ivy settling nicely in Gotham Central Park her new home in Arkham City.

After being given an overdose of Titan by the Joker, and her attempted escape and mind-control of the Asylum guards during Arkham Island Lockdown, Poison Ivy was left to die in her airtight cell by Warden Sharp, who blamed her for the mass destruction of Arkham Island.

As her health started to decline, Ivy prayed for salvation; which came in the form of a priest, who was unknowingly covered in pollen from the trees near his church. As he performed the last rites, Ivy manipulated the pollen spores into an antidote that worked in harmony with the unique, natural toxins in her blood, and to the amazement of the priest, she began a full recovery.

Furious, Sharp locked her in a Biological containment unit and arranged for her to be one of the first criminals sent to Arkham City which was intercepted by Catwoman who freed her.

Catwoman explained to Batman that while she was procuring stolen goods and other items around Arkham City, she rescued Poison Ivy from TYGER custody, then dropped her off in Gotham Central Park. It seems that this was part of a plan by Catwoman to gather powerful allies for future venues in Arkham City. Catwoman promises to water Ivy's plants, a promise she breaks and leads to the events between her and Ivy in Batman: Arkham City.

During his transfer to Arkham City, The Riddler hired Poison Ivy to help him escape his holding cell so he could head to his new hideout.

Ivy briefly appeared later in Two-Face's trial against the Joker as a jury member, where she testified against him, blaming him for her poisoning, the destruction of Arkham Asylum and the attempted murder of Harley Quinn.

Batman: Arkham City


Poison Ivy awaits in Gotham Central Park Gardens.

"Well what do you have here? Weird, out of place plants... check. Mindless, hypnotized henchmen... check. The oh so subtle odor of rotting pumpkins... check. Looks like I've found the entrance to Ivy's lair."

Poison Ivy's presence in Arkham City comes with the Catwoman online pass; she appears in two out of Catwoman's four episodes.

While plotting to break into Hugo Strange's Confiscated Goods Vault, Catwoman decides to ask Ivy for assistance, saying she prefers a woman's touch. She heads into Ivy's Lair, an old hotel, full of plants and hypnotized thugs, where Ivy is shown to be angry with her. Ivy attacks Catwoman with the hypnotized thugs and heat-seeking spores, which Ivy has prepared for months to rid Arkham of "flesh-sacks" and replace them with spores; despite Catwoman explaining that she "just wants to talk". When all the thugs have been defeated, Ivy uses one of her vines to attack and hang Catwoman upside down, where she expresses her anger over the death of her plants, which Catwoman promised to look after, stating that the only remaining one of those flowers is within Hugo's vault.

Catwoman offers to retrieve the flower for Ivy if she creates a route for her to get into the vault. Ivy agrees reluctantly, knowing that Catwoman can get the plant for her. Catwoman shows some confusion at first, as if Ivy will do it or not. Later, is shown that Poison Ivy has used her vines to create an underground tunnel to the vault. Once Catwoman is inside the vault, she spots Ivy's plant, and throws it on the floor and kills it as revenge for Ivy attacking her, and distant screams of Ivy can be heard. When (or if) Catwoman decides to return to see Ivy, she blames the death of the plant on Strange. Filled with hatred, Ivy states she will soon take her revenge on Hugo Strange and all humanity.

She was eventually kidnapped, alongside Catwoman, The Carpenter, and Vicki Vale by the Mad Hatter, and brainwashed into believing they are specific characters from Alice in Wonderland (in Poison Ivy's case, the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts), and later ended up fighting Batman alongside the others before Batman removed the effects of her brainwashing.

Batman: Arkham Knight

See: Poison Ivy (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Poison Ivy has been confirmed to be part of the rogue gallery that challenges Batman in the series finale.


  • It appears that her powers have grown since Arkham Asylum, given her claims to have perfected new pheromone formulas, a reference to her former status as a scientist.
  • Poison Ivy is the only character that Batman does not interact with, as he cannot enter the building she is in. However, it is likely he was aware of her location, as there are large plants covering the area.
  • It is mentioned in a side story that Ivy was able to cure herself of Titan poisoning via spores on the clothes of a priest who visited her cell. Despite this, Batman makes no attempt to ask Ivy to manufacture a cure for him, likely because she is more hostile towards him than Mr. Freeze.
  • Ivy seems to already have a friendship with Catwoman before the game, but she became angry at her because Catwoman forgot to water plants Ivy had given her, and, as a result, the plants died. Although Catwoman tries to smooth things over, Ivy only begrudgingly helps her, and is still mad at her by the end of the game.
  • Batman Arkham City Lockdown - Poison Ivy00:52

    Batman Arkham City Lockdown - Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy Lockdown

    Both Catwoman and Ivy lose their possessions to Hugo Strange and have them permanently lost during the events of Protocol 10.
  • Ivy appears in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown in the Business District level, Ivy's taking over the Gotham Police force with the usage of her toxic pheromones and turns them against Batman. After taking care of the police Batman arrives at The Solomon Wayne courthouse to find Ivy awaiting him with Robin who she also had under her control. Batman engages in an intense battle against his sidekick and ultimately wins. Ivy admits defeat and surrenders to Batman willingly. Although she attempts to kiss him as a means to escape but Batman outsmarts her and handcuffs her away back to Arkham.
  • Unlike the other voice cast, Tasia Valenza does not reprise her role for Arkham City Lockdown. Instead, Amy Carle assumes the role of Poison Ivy.


  • I've spent weeks perfecting the toxins that will destroy your pathetic meat sack of a body.
  • A billion micro-organisms will enter your bloodstream. Spores will grow, replacing the blood in your veins, and when I'm done, your flesh will be replaced with bark.
  • You can't outrun nature, Selina. My spores will fill your lungs and kill you from within.
  • Do you really think you can beat mother nature?

Game Over Lines

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Poison Ivy00:20

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy's Arkham City game over screens.


  • "You ruined everything, Selina!"
  • "You shouldn't have come here, Selina."


  • "And another arrogant human dies."


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