Prison Officer Blackburn
General Information
Real name: Blackburn
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Knight (Season of Infamy DLC; "Beneath the Surface")
Affiliations: Iron Heights Penitentiary

Prison Officer Blackburn was a prison guard for the prison airship Iron Heights Penitentiary.


He apparently was aware of the Warden in charge of the Penitentiary, Ranken's experimentations on Killer Croc. However, he did not actually participate in the experimentation.

Sometime later, Killer Croc proceeded to escape captivity and, in an act of revenge against his detainers, proceeded to sabotage the engine of the airship, sending it crashing into the Gotham Bay. Blackburn was in the prison gym's security room at the time when the crash occurred. In addition, he also proceeded to witness Killer Croc not only escape with Ranken, but also unlock the prison cell doors in the area in an attempt to deter pursuit, believing himself to be a goner as a result. He was eventually saved by Batman and Nightwing, who had been trying to pursue Killer Croc. He then told Batman to come up to the security room and thanked him for taking out the prisoners. Batman then asked for him to grant them access to the room Killer Croc sealed off, although he admitted that he can't do it because a two-guard rule was established that required the guards to carry one key card each, and also stated that they had bailed the ship before it crashed, before grimly calling them "lucky bastards" for getting to safety. He also suspected that Killer Croc planned to eat the warden, and worked with Nightwing to find any other survivors on the ship and get them to safety, also aiding him in unlocking the security measures to allow Batman to leave the ship easily. Presumably, Blackburn and possibly any other survivors were evacuated from the ship by the time Batman returned with the key cards. Upon witnessing Batman's detaining of both Waylon Jones and Ranken (the latter due to Batman's discovery of his performing inhumane experimentation on Croc that resulted in the already dehumanized criminal mutating even further), he told Batman that since he wasn't actually present to witness the experimentations on Killer Croc, he really can't be held accountable for what his boss did.


  • Similar to the victims in The Perfect Crime, Blackburn and the other Prison officers encountered during the game are not actually identified by name during the mission. They are only identified after the mission's completion when talking to them.

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