Professor Pyg
Prof Pyg
General Information
Real name: Lazlo Valentin
First Appearance: Batman #666
Created by: Grant Morrison
Andy Kubert
Affiliations: Circus of Strange
Abilities: Gifted Scientist
Portrayed by: Brian George (Voice)

Dwight Shultz (Voice)

Lazlo Valentin or Professor Pyg is the leader of the Circus of Strange.


Professor Pyg is a deranged schizophrenic who has developed an obsession with making people "perfect", which he accomplishes by transforming them into Dollotrons, a process that bonds false "doll" faces to their own, presumably permanently. Professor Pyg uses cordless drills, hammers and ice picks along with the "doll" faces in the process of converting his victims into Dollotrons. It appears the operation he performs involves brain surgery or a form of lobotomization and possible gender realignment. Behind his mask he is a middle-aged Caucasian male. He wears a simple pig mask and is often depicted wearing a makeshift surgical outfit.

Morrison describes the character as "one of the weirdest, most insane characters that's ever been in Batman. We hear a lot about Batman facing crazy villains but we tried to make this guy seem genuinely disturbed and disconnected." The character name is a shortened form of Pygmalion.


Batman Villain

In Batman and Robin issue 2 he proclaims the "Year of the Pig" at the end of the issue as his minions capture Robin. It is revealed in issue 3 of Batman and Robin that Pyg was attempting to release an addictive identity destroying drug in the form of a virus into Gotham through infected Dollotrons. He initially sold the drug/virus to gangs who were using it to control prostitutes. Finally realizing its potential he intended to hold the city for ransom. His plan is foiled when Batman (having extracted his whereabouts from Phosphorus Rex) confronts him at his hideout. Batman arrives at Pyg's disused fun fair hideout to discover Robin, who had previously run off after an argument, there too. Robin, having just escaped from Pyg's efforts to convert him into another Dollotron, works with Batman in subduing Pyg. Pyg is arrested and taken to Arkham Asylum where he currently resides.

He allies himself with the Circus of the Strange, including Mister Toad, Phosphorus Rex, Big Top and Siam.

In the non-canonical future of Batman #666 he is found by the police without his mask and crucified.

Powers and Abilities

Pyg does not have any superhuman powers or abilities. He is however, an extremely skilled surgeon.

In Other Media

Beware the Batman

See: Professor Pyg (Beware the Batman)

Batman: Arkham Knight

See: Professor Pyg (Arkhamverse)


Although Professor Pyg has yet to actually appear in Gotham directly, the Balloonman when he was about to kill his first victim donned a hoodie and pig mask that alluded to the character in the eponymous episode and Gerald Crane's accomplice wears a costume similar to his. Pyg is confirmed to appear in Hog Day Afternoon.

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