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Professor Pyg
General Information
Real name: Lazlo Valentin
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Knight
Created by: Grant Morrison
Portrayed by: Dwight Schultz (Voice)

Lazlo Valentin mutilates his victims to try and make them "perfect" under the alias of Professor Pyg.


Lazlo Valentin, aka Professor Pyg is the villain behind the "Perfect Crime" sidequest, where Batman tracks him down by investigating the corpses left behind as Pyg's failed, "flawed" experiments. After a fight against Pyg and his Dollotrons, Batman takes him down and brings him into the GCPD.

Before Arkham Knight

Lazlo Valentin was obsessed with making himself and people "perfect" after being berated by his parents that he wasn't "perfect" or "wasn't good enough" to please them. As an adult, he was a gifted scientist, but after suffering a schizophrenic breakdown believed that people must have their uniqueness removed if they are to be perfect the way he envisions it. Taking up the derranged persona of Professor Pyg, he became the ringmaster of the Circus of Strange, where he would tour the country, luring victims near his show, and turning them into his Dollotrons, "perfecting" them as he sees it. The end results are organic robots with doll masks grafted on their faces and unable to feel or think anything. Those he could not "fix" were simply tossed like trash. Eventually, he conceived a son, Janosz; it's implied that he was born from a rape victim and Pyg had her either killed or turned into a Dollotron when she refused to be with him.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman finds six victims strung up like a dressed dear in various places throughout Gotham. Because the process of turning them into Dollotrons has corrupted their DNA, Batman has to use his Deep Tissue Scanner to look for any distinguishing features to identify them in the Missing Persons Reports. All the victims had similar traits: they had troubled pasts, had been through surgery prior to being kidnapped, had scars on them from accidents, genetic deformities and they all went missing at fair grounds and parks around the country; all of which were where the Circus of Strange had stopped on its route. Alfred finds only one associated name involved with the circus: Lazlo Valentin, who leased a beauty salon in Gotham but it expired before construction began on Wayne International Plaza. Alfred also warns Batman to be cautious of Pyg, as even by Gotham City's criminal element's standards, he's unstable.

Pyg is interrupted in one of his experiments by Batman, who demands that he release all of his prisoners from his Monster Machine. Pyg refuses and turns his Dollotrons upon Batman before joining in the fight, throwing knives at Batman. After Batman defeats them he arrests Pyg and takes him to the GCPD Lock-up. On the way there, he also mentions wanting to get back to the Circus of the Strange, due to their waiting for him, although Batman told him he did various crimes. Pyg is baffled as to how Batman solved them as they were supposed to be perfect, and admitted how the deaths were because he couldn't save them. Batman then told him that his discarding the bodies is how he managed to trace him, and that thanks to his experiments, those people he experimented upon are now suffering a fate worse than death. Pyg then throws a tantrum and proceeded to vomit, causing Batman to tell him that he has problems. Upon arriving at the GCPD lockup, Batman then forcibly leads him to the building and throws him into a cell, where Pyg mentions how his mother will be disappointed in him. When thrown in, he laments he could have done better and been perfect. Batman then tells Pyg that he has a chance to redeem himself towards his victims by telling the police everything he did to his victims. However, Pyg tells him he is an "artist" and that he can make a maiden from a monkey, a model from a miscreant, and a beauty from a bat. Disgusted, Batman tells him that, since he killed and maimed innocents, he will make sure he never sets foot outside of a prison cell again. Pyg then pleads that he still has more to give and asks to see under the mask with the implication that he wants to give Batman a makeover.

If the player locks him up and visits him in his cell BEFORE encountering Scarecrow, the Joker hallucination will have Joker vowing to free Pyg first once he takes over Batman's body largely because, since he's insane even by Gotham City's standards, he doesn't deserve to be among the others in the cell. Similarly, he will mention that he is "sicker than [Joker's] and Harley's honeymoon videos," yet eagerly tries to have Batman take up Pyg's offer.


Pyg grew obsessed with perfection, due to constant chiding by his parents that he was never "good enough" for both of them, namely his mother who proved to have a deep-rooted influence on his unstable psyche. Seeing everything as something he could make better, Pyg believed the only path to perfection was removing anything unique or special about an individual, including their sex and DNA, and transforming them into his creations called the Dollotrons whom are immune to pain, which Pyg views as another block to perfection. As he continued to create more Dollotrons, his delusions have become more extensive and grandeur, likening himself as a God and claiming everyone as clay that he can mould to fit his own image.

Pyg has also shown a level of intelligence that is not hampered because of his mental illness. For example his surgical skills and using the Circus of Strange as a cover for his criminal activities. However, Pyg's intelligence is affected due to his obsession with perfection as none of his victims were discovered, likely turned into Dollotrons and added to his society, but his frustration over his inability to turn them perfect due to their tattoos, scars, injuries or suchlike caused him to claim they made him "sick" and hang their mutilated bodies throughout Gotham with words, including "imperfect" next to them. This eventually led a trace back to Pyg and his subsequent defeat at the hands of Batman. He is also something of an opera buff, singing it even while performing surgery on his victims, although his bio mentions that he is an amateur of the matter.

Despite Pyg's insanity, he seemed to genuinely feel that by turning people into Dollotrons he was fixing them by making them better. It was also revealed through his Audio Tapes that he has a son called Janosz. He seems to genuinely care about his son, leaving him an Audio Tape so he wouldn't feel alone, describing him as "perfect" and saving him from his mother who attempted to kill him. Pyg did not describe Janosz mother, simply claiming that she was perfect but after his mother attacked her he claims that "the nails had done their work" and dedicated a large portion of time into fixing her before mercy killing her. Although, it was also implied that Janosz was conceived from a violent rape. Pyg seems to dote on his Dollotrons, worrying what will happen to them when he was being taken to the GCPD and in captivity.


  • "Pyg is like clay. Pyg is like God. Pyg is here to fix us all!"
  • "Pyg dosen't hurt, Pyg heals, Pyg fixes… My Dollatrons are works of art!"
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! The Circus of Strange, coming to a town near you! Never before has such a host of talented performers gathered in one place, to amaze and entertain!"


  • Professor Pyg gets his name from the play Pygmalion, reflected in the character's desire to transform people into an idealized state. The opera music played near Professor Pyg and his victims is a reference to this.
  • While speaking, Pyg has a lisp that results in him making various porcine sounds befitting his alias.


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