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Ra's al Ghul
Animated Ra's
General Information
Real name: Ra's al Ghul
Aliases: "Demon's Head"
Portrayed by: David Warner
Appearances: Off Balance
The Demon's Quest Part I
The Demon's Quest Part II

Ra's al Ghul was an arch-nemesis of Batman in the television show Batman: The Animated Series of the early 1990s.


Ra's al Ghul (BTAS)

Ra's al Ghul in Batman: The Animated Series.

Ra's al Ghul makes his first appearance at the very end of the episode Off Balance. This would set the stage for his subsequent appearances — each as the episode's primary villain. In the two-part episode The Demon's Quest, Ra's adapts his attempts from the comic books to make Batman his heir and then to cleanse the world of an "imperfect" humanity. In the episode Avatar he makes an attempt at true immortality using his Lazarus Pit.

The episode Showdown, portrays a long-ago fight with Jonah Hex, who also battles Ra's deranged son Arkady Duvall. Due to Jonah Hex besting Arkady, Ra's was forced to abandon Arkady. It took Ra's several years to locate Arkady until now, when Batman and Robin catch up with Ra's al Ghul at an airport. He revealed that the old man is his son Arkady Duvall. As Arkady's mind and body were beyond the Lazarus Pit's power to mend, Batman let Ra's take his dying son with him so that he can be there for his son's last hours.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Lazarus Enhancement: Ra's al Ghul has been alive for centuries due to his use of Lazarus Pits healing his wounds and reversing age.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Ra's shows a vast intelligence knowing much of science and medicine, particularly alchemy.
  • Leadership: He leads the League of Assassins whose vast amount of members will give their lives for their master.
  • Master Strategist: Ra's is a brilliant tactician, planning his moves far, far in advance of when they ultimately begin.
  • Weapon Master: After centuries of practice and experience using both new and old weapons alike, swords being his weapon of choice.


Batman: The Animated SeriesEdit

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