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The Red Triangle Circus Gang

The Red Triangle Circus Gang (also called the Red Triangle Gang or the Circus Gang) was a gang of maniacal circus performers that plagued Gotham City. During The Penguin's reign of terror, they waged war against Batman.


Little is known of their past besides what Batman deciphered from newspaper clippings. They come from the Red Triangle Circus, a once celebrated circus that visited Gotham. Returning after a brief hiatus, it sports a new addition: a freak-show featuring a Poodle Lady, The World's Fattest Man, and an Aquatic Bird Boy. After numerous reports of missing children, police closed down the circus fairgrounds but at least one freak-show performer vanished before he could be questioned.

Notable membersEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

When Batman is reading newspaper articles on The Red Triangle Circus, it's interesting to note that there seems to be a picture of Minnie Woolsley (Koo-Koo the Bird Girl ) and two unidentified people with microcephaly although they are never mentioned performing in the circus' freak-show.



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